A weekend in the mountains to spend good time together and talk about effective altruism in a nice environment. We’ll play boardgames, walk, build snowmans or just do what feels right in the moment.

It will be good time to connect with lovely humans (you’re one of them!) and to refect on important ideas, out of the rythm of everyday university life.

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This is a 3-minute form. If you are unsure about coming, please apply early and update us later if you’re don’t. We prefer if you do not apply at the last minute 🙏

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Practical Informations


Friday 24 to Sunday 26 March (2 nights, 3 days)


Chalet in the town of Sankt Stephan at 1000m of altitude

<aside> 📍 Lenkstrasse 109 Sankt Stephan Bern 3773, Suisse


Logement de groupe " Old Schulhüsi " à 10 personnes pour Snow&Fun - Chalets à louer à Sankt Stephan, Bern, Suisse


~40 CHF for the housing + ~30 for the food (the exact price will depend on the number of people attending). If this prevents you from coming, tell us and we will try to find a solution.


3h of train, then ~10 minutes walk


We will cook together at the chalet. All meals will be vegan.

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Meals (subject to change)

Schedule (subject to change)